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Photo: Rodrigo Souza



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I’ve been writing songs since I was
13 years old but singing and music have been
a big part of my life before I could even write

Music is not only something that flows through my veins but a truly visceral part of my entire existence. Being surrounded by music and art was a big part of my upbringing and it has shaped who I am today. 

When I was young, I started singing in my bedroom, my dad’s car, and I would perform in my incredible childhood bathroom, taking advantage of that wonderful acoustics. That little girl also performed the same Christmas song at our family’s celebrations year after year for the most supportive audience I’ve ever had. 

I got my first mini acoustic guitar when I was seven, a Christmas present from my dad. After that, I never sang without strumming my guitar as well. It was love at first sight.

My first public performance was at the age of nine I was so nervous that I turned around to face the wall while I sang because I was too nervous to face the audience (who were just a bunch of school kids, like me). I remember that my body shook so hard the entire time. Looking back, I can see that the shaking was a mix of nerves that go along with performing in front of people for the first time combined with the adrenaline of a live performance, which never goes away. It’s a completely different type of rush that I thrive on today.



2000 - 2008

After this - and a lot of practice -  I started singing at the church every Sunday, acting in children's plays, participating in school festivals, writing more of my own songs, and performing them to larger groups of people. One of these festivals - Festbosco in 2004 - even led to me receiving a second-place award for the song, which I co-wrote with my dad and spoke to the importance of water as a natural resource in Brazil. In 2005, the second-place again. And then, I received the award for the best song for three consecutive years until I finished high school, which I am still proud of. 

At fifteen, I was honoured to be accepted as a vocalist in a gospel and event band. This marked the start of my career singing at weddings and religious celebrations. I was in the band for over four years and we sang at celebrations every week throughout the year.


2008 - 2009

In 2008 and 2009, I was part of the musical theatre performance group in the Musical Institute Claude Debussy in Brasilia, the city where I am from and the capital of Brazil. With this group, I performed in the Claudio Santoro National Theatre in plays like Fame and Era Uma Vez na Broadway II - a compilation of Broadway classics. In 2009 I also performed the live soundtrack of the play Bang Bang You’re Dead at the Cultural Center of Brasilia, as part of the band.

2010 - 2012

In 2010, I joined the musical theatre group called Pockets, where I was trained by the vocal director and maestro Felipe Ramos. Together with this group, I participated in concerts and Pocket presentations in locations and events like the Terraço Mall, the festival SesCoral, the 50th Anniversary of Brasilia, Caixa Cultural, and the Pier 21 Mall. During two seasons of the Musical Manual Prático do Amor (Practical Manual of Love), I was the protagonist in the play, which was performed at the Brasília Cultural Center Theater, Sesc Silvio Barbato Theater and Sesc Paulo Autran Theater.

I also sang at the festival IESB Aberto in 2010, and as the artist who received the most votes, I was given the opportunity to have the film students create a music video for me. Nine bands participated in the competition, one of which is a famous band in Brazil called Scalene, who I really admire. I was deeply humbled and honoured to receive the award.

Another special moment for me was during the Capitol Fashion Week in the Midwest of Brazil in 2010. I also performed romantic concerts on Valentine's Day events, in restaurants, and at the Pier 21 Mall. In 2012, I was the opening act of the Sebrae Nacional Cultural Contest in Brasilia. 

2013 - 2014

One of the most important moments of my career was when I was invited to open for a renowned musician in Brazil – Djavan. The 2013 show was called Rua dos Amores, and I performed again in 2014 when Djavan returned to the Capital to release his new CD and DVD.

In addition to intimate concerts, festivals and music contests, I’ve performed numerous two - three hour live shows where I would sing and play guitar. Some of the venues that I have performed at include Calaf Bar, Stadt Bier, and Daorla Bar.

2015 - 2017

Influenced by several musical genres and by big names in Brazilian music, I kept my MPB (Brazilian popular genre) and national pop-rock repertoire until 2017, while I was still in Brazil.

2018 - Beyond

However, after moving to the city of Vancouver in Canada at the end of 2017 with a heart full of pop references, I decided to return to my musical career as Gabby Malta (as opposed to using my full name, Gabriella Malta), writing pop, pop-rock, and alternative songs.

Since the beginning of 2018, I've been coached by Carol-Lynne Quinn, a professional Canadian vocal coach that has been working with vocalists for over 15 years and is the official vocal coach for the 2020 JUNO Masterclass and Canada's Music Incubator. She has been working with JUNO award-winning artists, major label artists, amazing indie artists in North America and is currently coaching me through athletic voice science techniques that focus on my vocal health, vocal strengthening, range expansion and the transition from my Brazilian background to a brand new Canadian one, also supporting me with pronunciation and the new writing style/genre.

In 2020 I also returned to my acting classes with a focus on Film and TV, coached by Beverley Elliott, as known as the Granny in the ABC's TV series Once Upon a Time, filmed in Vancouver, Canada (7 seasons).


After two years of building a new life in Canada and a new musical identity, I’m really grateful for the release of my song "It's Okay" on December 04th, 2020, produced by the Canadian producer Cody Taylor (Fiend Recordings) and sponsored by the City of Vancouver and CreativeBC.

Currently, I’m investing my time and heart in my authorial career here in Canada, hoping to release my next conceptual EP in 2021.

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